MyAgriscapePro Mobile App

HTML5, SCSS, AngularJS, Ionic Framework

MyAgriscapePro is a mobile app to help people convert their yards into productive gardening spaces and connect users to professional gardeners. I collaborated with PIXL Designs to code many of the template views using HTML, SCSS, and AngularJS in the Ionic framework.


My favorite part of working with Philip is he approaches problems from angles I often have not considered.

Philip is great with implementing and testing his ideas and he doesn't shy away from new technologies. Philip also communicates what he is doing really well and is not afraid to ask questions either.

If you are looking for a front-end developer that doesn't just operate as a task-taker and instead approaches development with zeal and incredible attention to detail, then you need to hire Philip. He is a quick learner and can easily adjust to new requirements in order to create a successful product.

Joshua Brown - PIXL Designs